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On Sundays we meet in Jubilee Baptist Church usually called ‘The Chapel’ or occasionally in Occold Village Hall. Parking is available at the Village Hall for both locations.


The meeting begins at 10.45 a.m. (or there abouts).

What to expect

As you arrive you will find someone in the foyer to welcome you. They will be able to show you where to go and answer any enquiries you may have. We aim to finish by noon and refreshments are served before and after the meeting. Each Sunday there are songs, prayers and a talk which connects the Bible to our lives.

Questions about the talk, or any other part of the service are always very welcome.

We hope to make everyone feel at home when they visit and you can feel free to simply watch what happens during the service without any pressure to join in with the prayers or songs.

There is no dress code – we’re mostly in jeans so wear whatever you’re comfy in.

On the last Sunday of the month we usually have a meal together following the morning meeting. Please check the calendar or contact Amanda for details.

Image by Matt Botsford

Prayer Meeting

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Cuppa, Cake & Chat

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Youth Club

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